Ravens Struggle in Week 10

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Tennessee Titans yesterday 21-7, despite struggling for most of the game. The Ravens offensive line had issues during game protecting Joe Flacco.  I didn’t think they would be able to win. The game was tied  7-7 at halftime and while the score was close, the play of the two teams was not. Tennessee dominated the entire first half and it was looking ugly, however, the Ravens made adjustments at the half and returned to destroy the Titans in the second half.

There were two things that turned the game around in my opinion; running the ball, and defensive pressure on the quarterback. In the first half of the ball game, the Ravens tried to throw the ball too much. The offensive line could not give Flacco enough time in the pocket, which caused Flacco’s passes to sail. In the second half, Baltimore setup the run game and saw success. Justin Forsett carried the ball 20 times with 112 yards and two touchdowns. Once the running game was established, we saw Joe Flacco with more time to throw and he capitalized on this advantage.

Baltimore’s defense also struggled in the first half, allowing Tennessee to score on their second offensive drive. In the second half, the Ravens had three sacks, two of them coming from Elvis Dumervil. The Ravens got pressure on rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger, forcing bad throws. Baltimore also did an excellent job of stopping the run in the second half.

I would like to completely forget about the first half of this football game, but sadly this kind of performance is something we, as fans, are seeing a lot of from this team. This Baltimore Ravens team is inconsistent. One week they play like a Super Bowl caliber team and the next week they play like a team without a win. These kinds of performance are tough to watch and make it hard to know what team is going to come out and play each week. It is a problem that needs to addressed and fixed or they may end up losing more games than they should. The Ravens have the talent to make it to the playoffs, they just have to play consistent week in and week out.

At the end of the day the Baltimore Ravens still won the game and did shut down the Titans in the second half, but as a fan you have to be concerned with this team.

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