Baltimore Defeats Tampa Bay 48-17

Baltimore looked like a completely different team compared to last week. On the Raven’s opening drive, they went 80 yards in just four plays. The drive started with a 52 yard run from Justin Forsett and ended on a Joe Flacco pass to Torrey Smith, for a touchdown. Baltimore would lead Tampa Bay 38-0 going into halftime, and by the end of the game the score was 48-17.

Joe Flacco would have five touchdown passes on the day, tying a career high. He connected with four different receivers on those touchdowns. Flacco was playing like an animal. Now I know Tampa Bay has only picked up one win this season, but they have also played well against some good teams. I was very surprised to see the Ravens handle the Buccaneers so well, but also since Baltimore played so poorly last week, it made sense for them to come out and play well. It’s something we see from the Ravens all the time.

The defense played tremendous all game long. They shut out the Buccaneers entirely in the first half. The Baltimore run defense played well, allowing only 87 rushing yards all game. The pass defense however struggled a bit despite getting an interception early in the first half. The Ravens gave up 277 yards through the air allowing Tampa Bay quarterback Mike Glennon to throw for two touchdowns. It may seem like I’m saying the secondary played badly, but I’m not. They still played well, but were the weakest link on the team.

I’ll say it again, Tampa Bay has shown this year that they can hang with teams, and pose a threat, so for the Ravens to give up just two touchdowns, is still doing a pretty good job

Overall the Ravens played an all around great football game, lighting up the scoreboard and making plays. The biggest concern I have for this team moving forward is consistency. I want to see this team play well, week in and week out and that is something that has been missing from this team so far this season. Hopefully, they will play well again next week and make winning a trend.

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