Baltimore vs Indianapolis Week 5 Pregame

Baltimore travels to Indianapolis this week to take on the Colts. The game starts at 1 pm eastern time today and will be aired on CBS. The Ravens currently sit at 3-1 while the Colts are 2-2 so far this season.

This game will be a tough one for the Ravens, as Indianapolis has a good offense, which could cause problems to an inconsistent Baltimore defense.

The main key to this game is getting pressure on Colt’s quarterback Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck can be a dangerous threat through the air, and even on the ground. The Colts have the number one ranked pass offense in the league averaging 326 yards per game, making them an even bigger threat.

In games where Baltimore has gotten pressure on the quarterback, they have performed very well. If you look back to games against Cleveland and Cincinnati, there was no pressure on the quarterbacks. In both games the Ravens played pretty poorly, while still winning one of those games. If you look at the games against Pittsburgh and Carolina, however, the Ravens got pressure on the quarterback and dominated the game all around.

Baltimore’s secondary is also going to need to step up and make plays. The secondary has struggled at times, and it’s crucial for them to shut down the Colt’s receivers.

On offense, I think the key is to be balanced. The Ravens need to run the ball efficiently to make Joe Flacco’s job easier. If the Ravens make Joe Flacco do it all, I think they will struggle. Now, I’m not saying Joe Flacco can’t be clutch at times, because he’s shown he can, he’s just inconsistent. If they keep it balanced and can perform well rushing the football, the play action pass will open up downfield allowing Flacco to hit the receivers deep.

If Baltimore can do all of these things, I think they can go into Lucas Oil Stadium and get the win. It’ll be interesting to see how the defense handles a great passing offense from Indianapolis and how well Baltimore’s offense can perform. My final prediction is Baltimore winning a close one 35-28 as the Ravens get the game winning touchdown in the final minutes.

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