Steve Bisciotti Press Conference

Owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Steve Bisciotti, held a Press Conference on Monday to discuss the Raven’s involvement in the Ray Rice situation.

Bisciotti said that the teams integrity was being called into question.  He also talked about how ESPN’s article on the Ravens and NFL, covered up Rice’s assault, saying, “I think it says it took them 11 days to write it, but they gave us two hours to respond.”

Bisciotti then said that he feels the majority of the sources that are reporting the story of how the NFL and Ravens have handled the situation work for Ray Rice.  “Almost everything in there is anonymous, but it’s clear from the subject matter that it’s Ray’s attorney; it’s Ray’s agent; and it’s Ray’s friends. They are building a case for reinstatement, and the best way to build a case for reinstatement is to make everybody else look like they’re lying.”

When asked about why the Ravens didn’t get the elevator tape which showed Rice hitting his then fiance, Bisciotti responded, “I’m sorry that we didn’t push harder to get that tape. It seems to me certainly in hindsight, that we had the leverage.”

Bisciotti admitted he expected a four to six game suspension for former running back Ray Rice, and was surprised that it was only two games. However,  they couldn’t lead the investigation, and step on the NFL and prosecutor’s shoes.

The Ravens owner stated he is very confident that no one is losing their job. He admitted that he forgives Rice for what his attorney is forcing him to do to be reinstated. Bisciotti wouldn’t rule out the hiring of Ray Rice, post-playing career: “I would hope that Ray would be a great asset for us down the road.”

When asked about selling the team Bisciotti responded with, “If  they force me to sell, then I guess I’ll sell.”

Bisciotti also made comments on the NFL’s domestic violence penalties saying, “What we’re seeing is the league never elevated domestic violence to the platform that it should have been on.”

Now this whole press conference makes me think. I like the fact that Bisciotti held the press conference and took questions regarding everything.

I’ve tried to stay neutral on the whole thing. Of course I believe that Rice should be gone. There’s no question about that. What I don’t understand is what most of the general public doesn’t understand, which is why did it take actual video evidence of Rice hitting his fiance to suspend him indefinitely? Everyone knows that he hit her, but since there wasn’t video proof it was okay to just suspend him two games, call it okay and put it in the past.

I’m a firm believer that you should never hit a woman, for any reason. So the fact that he got a slap on the wrist like a child would, is kind of a disgrace. He should’ve been suspended from the get go. I am glad though that it was finally brought out in the open and that he’s gone.

I personally don’t think he should ever be allowed to be reinstated back into the NFL and I also believe he should be in jail for this. A normal person would be, so why does an NFL superstar not get the same treatment? Now I know it’s because of the society that we live in, but it’s wrong.

In other news, ICYMI: Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta underwent season ending hip surgery after reinjuring his hip during Sunday’s game against the Browns.

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