Ravens Lose to Bengals 23-16 in Season Opener

The Cincinnati Bengals beat Baltimore today 23-16. The Ravens were slow in the first two and a half quarters before finally picking up some steam and getting points on the board.


Every part of the team played slow except for the defense. The Ravens defense forced Cincinnati to five straight field goals, but the offense could not produce anything at all. It wasn’t that the Bengals defense was playing exceptionally well, it was just Flacco and the receivers couldn’t connect. Flacco made several bad throws, but it wasn’t all his fault. The receivers just couldn’t hang on to the ball to help out their quarterback. The receivers were running the wrong routes as well as slipping up on cuts. I wasn’t able to watch the game, but I listened to it online and it was hard to listen to as they struggled to produce anything.


Running back Justin Forsett ran really well having replaced Bernard Pierce after Pierce put the ball on the ground. Forsett had 69 rushing yards on 11 carries with one touchdown. Forsett’s touchdown was the first one for the Raven’s on the day.


Kicker Justin Tucker was 1-1 on field goals for the day, Missing a 55 yarder.


Joe Flacco threw the ball 62 times with one interception and one touchdown. Flacco was sacked three times on the day including on the final play of the Raven’s last drive. The touchdown came on a 80 yard throw to Steve Smith Sr. giving Baltimore their first lead of the day.  The Raven’s would try for the two point conversion and come up unsuccessful. Baltimore’s lead wouldn’t last long however, the Bengals scored two plays later on a 77 yard pass from Andy Dalton to A.J. Green.


The Raven’s defense played well for the most part even though they didn’t get any sacks on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. Cornerback Chykie Brown got beat on A.J. Green’s 77 yard touchdown reception, just moments after I made a note that the secondary was playing extremely well, not giving up any big plays. I guess I spoke too soon on that one. Lardarious Webb (cornerback) missed the game today although he did warm up during pregame. He should be back next week, but with him missing all of the offseason it comes down to him being a little rusty, and not as conditioned as everyone else. It’ll be good for him to be back though as he can help out that secondary.


Baltimore’s next game is Thursday September 11 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.


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