C.J. Mosley

The Baltimore Ravens used their 17th overall pick on C.J. Mosley, an inside linebacker from Alabama. When I saw the pick I’ll admit I was disappointed because of the needs on the offensive line. But after watching some film, I changed my mind.

Mosley is big, strong and powerful. The guy is an animal on the field. He is a great open field tackler, who will wrap you up instead of trying to arm tackle, which is rare nowadays. Mosley knows how to read an offense and can bust plays up. While getting to the sidelines quickly, he takes good angles to make the play. He’s very good against the run and does a great job at finding the ball and not getting lost with all of the mess inside the tackles.

In the passing game, Mosley is great against running backs who play in the flat and receivers going across the middle. He reads the quarterbacks’ eyes well and can tell where the ball is going.

Of course, he has areas that he can improve on. One of those areas is with getting off the block. When going head to head against an offensive lineman or a fullback, Mosley doesn’t do a very good job of fighting off the block and making the tackle. This is definitely an area that he can get better at and I’m sure the coaches will help.

All in all I’m really excited to see C.J. playing on Sundays in the Baltimore purple. He’s a tremendous athlete who has great potential to do good things.

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