Ravens Early Season Prediction

Now that the 2014 season is getting closer and with the release of the regular season schedule, early predictions are everywhere. Of course, like every other fan, I have my own predictions of how I think the Ravens’ season will unfold.

Last year was a rough season for Ravens fans. We finished the season at an even 8-8 which is disappointing. This is the first time under John Harbaugh that the Ravens haven’t made the playoffs. While brushing off that disappointment, there is some optimism going into this year.

I believe that the acquisition of wide receiver Steve Smith, from the Carolina Panthers, helps our offense out tremendously. What he brings to the table is something I think we lacked last year after losing Anquan Boldin-a big time receiver who can make big time plays. Even with Smith getting older, the guy is an amazing athlete. I believe he will make an instant impact in the receiving corps, which will help the offense get back to where it needs to be. Bringing him in gives them a legitimate threat on offense along with Ray Rice at the running back position.

Now as to the schedule, I think the Ravens have an easy schedule going into this year. They should start the season off strong, winning the first four games. There should be no problems defeating the Bengals, Steelers, Browns and the Panthers.

In week 5 they head to Indianapolis to face the Colts who will take the victory, putting us at 4-1 thus far in the season.

The Ravens should then go on to win the next five games against the Buccaneers, Falcons, Bengals, Steelers, and Titans which puts them at 9-1 going into the bye at week 11.

During week 12 they will be heading to New Orleans to take on the Saints on Monday night. The Saints will take the win here, giving them their second loss of the season.

Week 13 will be a battle to beat the San Diego Chargers, but the Ravens will come out on top. They will go on to finish the rest of the season strong winning the next four games, capping off the regular season with a 14-2 record.

I’m feeling really optimistic about this upcoming season. I believe that with the addition of Steve Smith, who will be a great target for Joe Flacco and with Ray Rice still in the backfield we have a tough offense.

As we get closer to the season it’ll be easier to predict how things will unfold, especially after the draft.

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