Some NFL betting tips

When it comes to betting on the NFL, there is really no substitute for learning all you can about the game before starting, as well as ensuring that you keep on top of any developments – such as injuries to the key players – that can change things during the season. Of course, if you are opting to bet futures on which team will win the AFC, NFC or Super Bowl you will not be able to access this information – making this sort of advance bet a more risky proposition.

Indeed it could be argued that betting well in advance on the winners of the NFL conferences and the Super Bowl is not the best strategy, because you actually have little to lose by waiting until the season is further along. After all, if the hot favourites – who include the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots and the Houston Texans this time out – produce the expected form, their odds will remain low. If they don’t, as with last season’s favourites the Denver Broncos, you will have avoided an expensive mistake. There will certainly have been a lot of NFL betting fans wishing they had held off and put some money on the Baltimore Ravens at 22/1 instead last season, and this can be the smartest move.

Of course it does mean having to wait longer for your NFL betting fix, but there are ways you can indulge your love of the game and of gambling in the meantime, with perhaps the best one being $5 Million Touchdown. This NFL themed slot, found at online casino sites such as paddy power app, has been a real hit with both casino and NFL fans, thanks to combining the best features of slots and sports games. You get the great bonus game where you have to score a touchdown by passing the ball between the virtual players, while you also have the inexpensive play and the great chances of a payout, that make slots games so popular.

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