Ravens Lose Sloppy Game to Steelers


Photo by: Tony Medina/Icon SMI

That is really all that can be said.  Of course this will be blown up because the Ravens lost a game to Pittsburgh without Ben Roethlisberger.  Anyone who has watched these two teams play the last 8 years knows that it is a dogfight no matter who is on the field.  This was a tough loss to swallow, but it shouldn’t be taken out of proportion.  The Ravens game planned for the run and did a decent job stopping that.  They let Charlie Batch throw and they underestimated him.  I mean they left guys wide open constantly.  Batch did not need to make many good throws to hit these guys.  Because of that he had a career game.  Baltimore’s secondary is no longer elite, but they just didn’t show up in this game. They let Batch throw all over them and he did just that.

The offense was average at best.  They came out throwing and clearly that is how they wanted to beat Pittsburgh.  It moved the chains from time to time, but it wasn’t the most effective strategy.  Ray Rice had 78 yards despite just 12 carries.  Cam Cameron came up with a game plan out of the realm for the Ravens and it frankly didn’t work.  Putting up 20 points against Pittsburgh isn’t bad, but they needed to use more clock. Pittsburgh really dominated Baltimore in time of possession, holding onto the ball for 9 minutes more.

The bigger news to come out of this is that Terrell Suggs is once again injured.  This time it appears that he tore his right bicep.  It’s bad news, but not necessarily devastating.  He could even be available this week, although that seems doubtful.  Harbaugh has already stated that he doesn’t expect to miss the season, and players have played with the injury. His effectiveness with the injury is the main concern, especially since he still isn’t back to 100%.  Baltimore really needs Paul Kruger to continue his good play of late and someone else to step.  Next up is the Redskins in Washington in a battle of the beltway.

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