Ravens Head to Cleveland


Photo by: Zuma Press/Icon SMI

Baltimore has had a week to reflect on their ugly loss to the Texans last Sunday.  They will look to bounce back this Sunday when they face the Browns on the Road.  The Ravens beat this team about a month ago, but that team was coming off an 0-3 start.  This time around they are playing their best football all year.  They have won 2 of their last 3 to bring their record to 2-6 on the year.  Not outstanding, but their young core is starting to come together.  Those two wins came against some solid competition as well.  They first beat in state rival Cincinnati, followed that with a close lost to the Colts, and then beat the Chargers in a score that looked more like a baseball game.

Brandon Weeden has actually turned in some solid performances.  He has had some bumps in the road, including last week against San Diego, but has shown marked improvement since the beginning of the season.  Their top WR has been another rookie Josh Gordon, who has been a solid deep threat, but basically nothing else.  Easily the best of the rookie class is Trent Richardson.  He was a big reason they won last week, and despite some nagging injuries he has been very solid.  Take away a few bad games and he has been outstanding.

Overall though, this football team isn’t that great.  They are getting better, but are still a very beatable team.  The Ravens need this win, which is odd considering they are 5-2.  With all of the injuries and the embarrassing performance at Houston, they need to prove they are still capable to winning games.  Especially winnable games. Their pass D and run D are 25th and 24th in the league respectfully.  They should get a boost to their run defense with NT Phil Taylor returning, but not enough that the Ravens can’t still get their yards.  While the Baltimore D has been ravaged by injuries, the offense  has mostly stayed in tact.  This is a game they need to put the D on their back and come home with a victory.

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