Terrell Suggs returns to practice for the Ravens

After his injury, Terrell Suggs has had to concentrate on recovering and has not been able to play for the Ravens for a while. Having surgery on his right Achilles has meant he has been out of action for a while, however now it looks as though he is planning to make a comeback. The outside linebacker has been heard playing the movie ‘Goodfellas’ in his locker, which believe it or not is a good sign of recovery. The Ravens player is a big film fan and is known for watching movies as he gets ready for practices. This is understandably a very positive influence for his teammates, who will be able to enjoy hearing the sounds of Suggs being back in action again.

Suggs was injured back in late April during an offseason workout, when he tore his Achilles. This was a major blow not just to him, but also to his teammates and his fans. It meant that those used to watching him after eating a meal or playing on partycasino.com would have to wait a while for him to return to full fitness. However, now the player is making his slow return to the game, attending practice and giving the atmosphere of the Ravens a great boost. During his first practice back, he participated very gently, sensibly taking it slowly to make sure he could handle playing again.

He has been working very hard to get to this point and only time will tell how fit he actually is. However, coach John Harbaugh has said that he doesn’t have a timetable on the player getting fully better as yet. At the moment, the Ravens’ defence is ranked in 26th place in the NFL, so they certainly could use some help in this area. However, they will have to wait for Suggs to recover properly before throwing him back in the firing line.

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