Baltimore 9 Chiefs 6


Photo by: WD/Icon SMI

Not the most exciting game in the world, and certainly not the prettiest.  KC dominated much of this game, but struggled with turnovers and, well, passing the football.  Jamaal Charles had an outstanding first half with 125 yards and looked to be in line for a truly dominant game.  Baltimore did something in the locker room at the half and stuffed Charles for just 15 yards in the second half.

Now, KC isn’t a bad team, despite their 1-4 record.  Arrowhead isn’t the easiest place to play, even if it was far from full.  Jamaal Charles is one of the best backs in the league, and has been unstoppable in recent weeks.  Baltimore doesn’t have the dominant run defense they once had, but it’s no shame in giving up a big game to him.  Especially considering they refused to pass the ball.  KC would have a few more wins if they didn’t turn over the ball so much.  And that was again the case today.

Baltimore had plenty of problems in this game though.  Joe Flacco looked better than is stats showed.  His receivers dropped probably around 5 balls which really killed some drives.  He threw one pick, but that was arguably Boldin’s fault, when he didn’t turn back for the ball.  Ray Rice played a solid game as well and this offense likely should have scored more than the nine points that they did.

The defense played probably worse than the six points they gave up.  The 3 turnovers were basically gifts, and they absolutely killed KC’s drives.  The worse part for them was the play calling for the Chiefs.  They have obviously lost confidence in Matt Cassel, enough so that they barely passed the ball, even when they needed it most.  To add insult to injury, Romeo Crennell said he wished he had run the ball even more.  Cassel was knocked out late in the game with a concussion.  Brady Quinn came in but couldn’t get it done either.

The Ravens high powered offense hit their first snag in the road.  KC is probably one of the better defenses they played this year, with the other being Philly.  Of course Philly is their only loss, sot that has to be a little bit of a concern.  Still, Baltimore sits at 4-1 with a home game against the sputtering Cowboys coming up.  Things could certainly be worse.

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