Chiefs First Look


Photo by: Rich Kane/Icon SMI

The Chiefs offense is pretty simple.  Jamaal Charles is really, really good and Matt Cassel is really, really bad.  Charles, just a year removed from ACL surgery officially has his explosiveness back.  After being limited the first two games of the season, he broke out the last two, and now has 415 yards on just 72 carries.  That’s 5.8 yards per carry.  Pretty impressive to say the least.  He is the focal point of this offense, and he needs to be with Matt Cassel under center.  He is already turned the ball over 7 times this year, which is absurd.  He has fumbled 4 more times, but luckily for him the Chiefs fell on the ball each of those times.

KC does have a dangerous receiver in Dwayne Bowe, but Lardarius Webb has proved to be a lock down corner so far.  Look for Webb to shadow Bowe and really limit his productivity.  At least, that is what I would do if I were Pees.  If Cary Williams lines up against Bowe, I would expect that ball to be thrown his way 9 times out of 10.  The Chiefs don’t have much depth behind Bowe.  Jonathan Baldwin has some potential, but has yet to show that consistently.  If Dexter McCluster is able to play, he is sneaky fast so Baltimore has to look out for the big play.

KC also has a lot of talent of talent of defense, but has yet to stop anyone thus far.  Their best defensive performance came against New Orleans when they held them to 24 points.  Not exactly earth shattering there.  Flacco has to take advantage of their struggles before they get their feet back.  Brandon Flowers has the ability to shut down receivers and Tamba Hali is one of the better pass rushers in the game.  The O-line in Baltimore has been less than stellar, so keeping Joe upright won’t be the easiest of tasks.  Still, if the first quarter of the season is any indication, this defense isn’t as talented as they look on paper.  Baltimore’s offense has been very good to start the season, so if they don’t look ahead they could come away with a relatively easy win.  Nothing comes easy in the NFL though…

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