No deal in sight for Rice and the Ravens

Fans keep their fingers crossed as unsigned franchise running back Ray Rice and the Baltimore Ravens endure a contractual standoff while he trains solo in the offseason. The Ravens and Rice have until Monday to come to a contractual agreement that will solidify Rice’s future in black and purple jersey for years to come or he will play this season with a $7.742 million franchise tag.
Rice reportedly has been training and working out this offseason with trainer Mac James and is not worried about the business side of football. According to him, his job is to stay in shape while his agent takes care of the business side. The player expressed missing the camaraderie he shares with his team in training camp but his decision to train solo and not attend the offseason training camp is well understood due to the risk of injuries and his current status as an unsigned franchise player.
The former Rutgers star led the NFL with 2,068 yards from scrimmage, set a franchise record with 15 touchdowns, and has led the Ravens with 76 receptions for 703 yards so it is no surprise that he can buy his time with negotiating a new contract that hopefully keeps him with the Ravens. The Ravens have placed the franchise tag on number 27 and all we are holding our breath for is for him to sign the tag.

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