Ravens Rush to Victory

The Ravens,  now 9-3, defeated the Browns, 24-10 yesterday riding Ray Rice and Ricky Williams.  The Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron has been criticized all season for now running the ball enough.  Well I think he has gotten the point, the Ravens ran the ball 22 times out of their first 25 plays.

Ray Rice finished with a career high 204 yards on the ground and Ricky Williams added 76 yards, each scoring a touchdown.  The Defense also did their part and only allowed 10 points and forcing one big turnover before halftime which lead to 3 Ravens points.  The Special teams also made a big play when Webb returned a punt for a touchdown late in the 4th quarter which put the game away.

The Ravens stayed perfect in the AFC North and are now 4-0 within the division and in the first place.

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