Big Brother Beats Little Brother

It was the perfect setting last night, for the first time in NFL history two brothers faced off against eachother as head coaches.  Jim Harbaugh lead his 49ers into Baltimore to face his older brother John and the Ravens on Thanksgiving night.  It was also the first ever thanksgiving day game in Ravens history.  The Ravens were able to defeat the 49ers 16-6 to improve to 8-3 overall and 6-0 at home.

The Ravens Defense is definently the story for the Ravens.  They were able to sack 49ers quarterback Alex Smith 9 times, tying a team record.  Terrel Suggs lead the way with 3 sacks of his own.  Webb also had an interception before halftime which kept 3 points off the board for the 49ers. 

The Offense didnt do anything fancy but they protected the football and were very good on 3rd down.  The Ravens were 50% on third down including the games only touchdown comming on 3rd and goal when Flacco connected to Pitta for an 8 yard score.  They key for the Ravens was balance, even though they didnt get any big runs they continued to run it to keep the 49ers honest.  Flacco threw for 177 yards and 1 touchdown.

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