Ravens Lose to Seahawks

The Ravens trend this season has been falling flat on their face after big wins, well the trend continued.  One week after one of the biggest wins in Ravens history the Ravens traveled to Seatle to face a 2-6 Seahawks team.  The Ravens failed on all three phases of the game, losing 22-17, to fall to 6-3 on the season.

Special teams was very dissapointing as David Reed fumbled 2 kickoffs which lead to 6 points for the Seahawks.  Billy Cundiff also missed 2 feild goals. 

The Defense did its best to keep the Ravens in the game, however they did not make the big play.  The Ravens defense forced 0 turnovers and only recorded 1 sack.  Going into the game the Seahawks gave up the 2nd most sacks in the nfl, and the Ravens were only able to get 1.

The offense did not perform as well.  Ray Rice only had 5 carries in the ball game.  Joe Flacco threw the ball 53 times.  In the Ravens 2 losses to the Jags and Seahawks Ray Rice has a combined 13 carries.

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