Flacco Delivers vs. Steelers

Before this season Joe Flacco has never beaten Big Ben, including the playoffs.  Well i guess you can say Joe Flacco has offically gotten that monkey off his back.  With a week 1 romping of the Steelers, 35-7, where Joe Flacco threw 3 TD’s, people were still doubting whether he could win the big game in the big moment, mainly against the Steelers.  Well down 20-16 on their own 8 yard with 2:20 left to play Joe Flacco answered alot of questions.

Flacco marched the Ravens right down the field and hit Torrey Smith in the back of endzone with 8 seconds left to beat the Steelers 23-16.  Torrey Smith dropped a possible TD pass 3 plays earlier but showed great character as he came threw in the end. 

With the win the Ravens sweep the season series with the Steelers for the first time since 2006.  The Ravens are now in first place in the division with a 6-2 record and a 2-0 record in the AFC North.


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