Ravens Fall to Jags on MNF

The Ravens (4-2) lost to Jaguars (2-5), 12 to 7 on Monday Night Football.  Terrell Suggs said it the best at the end of the game, “In the NFL, when you go on the road you have to pack your defense and the running game, and running game didnt show up.” 

The defense did its part, only allowing the Jags to score 4 field goals, 3 of which were over 50 yards. The Ravens defense also forced a big fumble at the 1 yard line which kept 7 points off the board in the first quarter.  The defense kept the Ravens in the game while the offense did nothing.

The most explosive player for the Ravens offense is Ray Rice, and he had 8 carries Monday Night.  Cam Cameron did not stick with the run game which made Joe Flacco have to make throws and he simply could not.  The Ravens offense gained a total of 146 yards and a big chunk of those yards were on the 4th quarter touchdown drive late in the game.  The Ravens offense is to blame for this loss.

Now the Ravens are 4-2 and look up at the Steelers in the AFC North.

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