Ravens Beat Rex and The Jets

Just letting everyone know I am a diehard Jets Fan.  I go to most home games every season and even some away games.   Please enjoy a different take and perspective on your team. 


If any coach in the NFL knows how good the Ravens Defense is, it’s Rex Ryan.  Rex was with the Ravens for years before he became the head coach of the Jets a couple seasons ago.  If any player in the NFL knows how tough the Ravens defense is, after last week it’s probably Mark Sanchez.  The Ravens scored 3 defensive touchdowns (one questionable) all from turnovers by Sanchez. 

Sanchez and the Jets have been without Nick Mangold, arguably the best center in the NFL for a couple weeks now.  It showed how much the Jets missed him vs. the Raiders last week and after the Ravens game it showed even more.  Without Mangold the Ravens were getting to Sanchez almost every playing, knocking him down, sacking him, forcing pics and fumbles.  The absence of Mangold also greatly hurts the running game.  The Jets who are usually a ground and pound team have not had a good rushing performance yet this season. 

With The Ravens winning and the Steelers falling to the Texans the Ravens are now 3-1 and are getting some momentum in their division.

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