Ravens Position Battles, First Preseason Game, and More

After key players left the team earlier this year, The Baltimore Ravens have some positions that need filled.  These openings have resulted in some nice battles between players hoping to win a starting spot.   One of these openings comes at right tackle, when former starter, Michael Oher, signed with the Tennessee Titans during free agency. […]

4 weeks ago by Bobby Clark

Ravens Training Camp News

The Baltimore Ravens opened up training camp July 24th and it is to continue through August 14th. A lot has happened thus far, with players stepping up and making big plays, and also some injuries. In the first few days of camp, the offense seemed to have a good grasp of new Offensive Coordinator Gary […]

last month by Bobby Clark

C.J. Mosley

The Baltimore Ravens used their 17th overall pick on C.J. Mosley, an inside linebacker from Alabama. When I saw the pick I’ll admit I was disappointed because of the needs on the offensive line. But after watching some film, I changed my mind. Mosley is big, strong and powerful. The guy is an animal on […]

May 2014 by Bobby Clark
morgan moses1

Stop the Sacks

With the draft beginning in a few hours, I thought I would chime in with my thoughts on who the Ravens should pick up. The Ravens have the 17th overall pick in the first round, kind of a middle of the pack pick, which still leaves plenty of room to pick up a game changer. […]

May 2014 by Bobby Clark
NFL: Denver Broncos at Carolina Panthers

Ravens Early Season Prediction

Now that the 2014 season is getting closer and with the release of the regular season schedule, early predictions are everywhere. Of course, like every other fan, I have my own predictions of how I think the Ravens’ season will unfold. Last year was a rough season for Ravens fans. We finished the season at […]

May 2014 by Bobby Clark

The 17th Overall Pick

There is always a lot of speculation leading up to the NFL draft every year.  This year is no different especially with the Ravens pick at number 17. The Ravens are famous for their success on Draft day.  Considering their first draft picks in franchise history were two hall of famers, Jonathan Ogden and Ray […]

April 2014 by dorie80

Reasons Behind Owen Daniels Returning

A few weeks ago the Baltimore Ravens signed Free Agent Tight End Owen Daniels.  The reasons behind the signing were questioned by some Baltimore loyal fans.  After re-signing their own Free Agent Dennis Pitta to a long term deal, why would the Ravens sign another pass-catching tight end? To answer this question you must look […]

April 2014 by dorie80

Ravens Survive the Latest Installment of Pro Football’s Best Rivalry

Ravens fans left the big ATM otherwise known as M&T Bank Stadium very pleased Thanksgiving night after the Ravens knocked off the Steelers 22-20. A strong performance from quarterback Joe Flacco helped ensure the victory for Baltimore. Flacco, who was highly scrutinized this week for his comments regarding the wildcat offense, stood tall in the […]

November 2013 by danrohe

Some NFL betting tips

When it comes to betting on the NFL, there is really no substitute for learning all you can about the game before starting, as well as ensuring that you keep on top of any developments – such as injuries to the key players – that can change things during the season. Of course, if you […]

March 2013 by Craig

Some Super Bowl Headlines

This Super Bowl has been full of interesting news.  This is to be expected from any Super Bowl, especially when there is a two week layoff from the last playoff game.  I’ll highlight some of the most intriguing story lines and give my take on each. Ray Lewis PED Allegations: This has to be the […]

January 2013 by Ben King